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4 Benefits of Using Quickbooks For Your Business

Quickbooks is a powerful software with features designed to make your business's finances easier and more efficient to manage. It takes some expertise to use it to its full capacity, however. This post includes benefits of fully integrating Quickbooks into your business. Call our Quickbooks Pro Advisor for help. ...Read More

Last Minute Advice For Tax Procrastinators

Waiting until the last minute to file your taxes introduces some additional concerns. Here are some tips for how to avoid common mistakes and take advantage of all your opportunities before the April 15th deadline. ...Read More

4 Tax Scams Identified By The IRS

Tax season is a stressful time and the large number of scams related to taxes make it even worse. Read more to learn about some of the scams the IRS is specifically warning taxpayers about in 2015. ...Read More

5 Odd Deductions You Could Claim On Your Tax Return

Claiming deductions on your tax return can add up to big savings or a much larger refund. But, knowing what is and isn't an acceptable deduction is a challenge. Read more to find out some of the more extreme examples of available deductions that often go unclaimed. ...Read More

How Much Will A Lack Of Health Insurance Cost You On Your Taxes?

The Affordable Care Act's second open enrollment period recently ended on February 15th. If you're still without health insurance, you could be facing a fine on your taxes. At Brown Kinion and Company, we can help you correctly file whether you are enrolled in the ACA or need to explore hardship exemption claims. Read more to learn about fines associated with health insurance coverage. ...Read More