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How IRS Budget Cuts Impact You

Tax filing season has officially begun for 2015, but the IRS is struggling with budget cuts. This means long delays for helpline calls and delays in sending out refunds. Read more to find out how these budget cuts affect you and why it's time to hire BK & Company. ...Read More

5 Items You'll Need For Your Tax Return

Whether you're working with a professional or trying to go it alone, it's extremely helpful to get organized well before you plan to work on your tax return. This post contains a list of the items you'll need to gather in order to be prepared. Bringing all of these items to us initially will help us quickly and efficiently complete your taxes and get you your maximum return. ...Read More

5 Common Mistakes Made On Tax Returns

Filing your taxes incorrectly could mean you miss out on the full refund you're entitled to, or worse you could be audited. Tax preparation can be complicated and everyone’s situation is unique. Read more for a list of common tax-filing mistakes made by non-professionals. These mistakes cost you money. ...Read More